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Lawns need to be fed regularly to ensure trace elements encourage
leaf growth and colour, protection from disease and to lower the
pH to slightly acidic which is the ideal environment for a healthy lawn.
To help keep a lawn in top condition it should be fertilised at least
four times per year.


Dandelions - Clover - Daisy - Oxalis - Dichondra - Hydrocotyl -
Onehunga Weed - Yarrow - Docks - Wireweed - Sub/Clover -
Chickweed and all other weeds will be eradicated by Doctor Lawncare
safe treatment.

To keep a lawn in top condition weeds should be treated al least
twice a year.


This is also known as grooving or scarifying. A soft spongy lawn indicates
an unhealthy build up of thatch which can cause fungus and disease
infestations. Thatch won't allow moisture to penetrate down to the root
structure. Doctor Lawncare specialists use a specially designed machine
which will remove some of the thatch and trim the roots, to allow
vigorous growth and allows moisture and fertiliser to penetrate to where
they are needed most.

To help keep a lawn in top condition it should be dethatched spring and

Grass Grubs

Grass grubs feed on grass roots from February through to October.
Damage to turf can be extreme with damaged areas often increasing
in size each year.

To help keep a lawn in top condition Grass Grubs should be treated
as soon as it is detected, usually during autumn.


Unhealthy brown spots on lawns are often caused by one of several
different types of fungus. The correct application by Doctor Lawncare
will eradicate this frustrating problem.

To keep a lawn in top condition, fungus should be treated as soon as
it appears, usually in autumn.


Green unsightly moss plagues most lawns; if left unchecked it will continue
to spread. Doctor Lawncare has a very effective method to eradicate moss with results usually obvious the day after treatment.

To keep a lawn in top condition it should be treated for moss before it takes control.


Studies show that healthy lawns absorb rainfall 4-6 times more effectively than farm fields, being exceeded only by virgin forest. Lawns return moisture to the water table where it can be used by everyone. Research shows thick lawns slow velocity of run-off and allow the water to infiltrate 15 times better from a high quality lawn than from a patchy lawn with a lot of weeds.


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